Creator Cafe

I'm working on an experiment called the creator café ☕
It's a space in Gather to co-work with like-minded folks, especially those who are working at home and on their own schedule.
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I'm setting this up mostly to solve my own problem. I go to a coffee shop 2-3 times a week mostly for peer accountability. When I see other people work, I get motivated to work more. However, going to the coffee shop every day is not ideal so I work from home the remaining days. But when I am working at home, I have a tendency to slack off. And that sucks. So I want to recreate the magic of a coffee shop experience, but in the comfort of your home.

What does it have?

✅ Deep work spaces for when you want to get stuff done with no distractions
✅ Shallow work spaces when you want to work around people but are open to some conversation (along with music)
✅ A coffee bar to hang out and chat with others
✅ A friendly dog called Puppicino that will follow you around once you pet it 🐶 (hint: refresh the page once you don’t want Puppicino to follow you)
You can think of it as a café that people work out of. You can come, do your own thing, be around people who are working, and connect with a few when you and they are free. Drop in and out whenever you feel like it, with no obligation to come in at a certain time or stay for a certain time. Even if there is no one else there, you can hang out and continue your work. Give this a try and let me know what you think and your early feedback will help shape this initiative. Hope to see you there!
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