Eliza Mental Health Telegram Bot

Eliza Mental Health Telegram Bot

Status 1
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Eliza Mental Health Bot is a sophisticated AI-powered tool that has been designed to offer mental health support via the Telegram platform. It's programmed to understand and respond to user inputs in a sensitive and supportive manner, offering comfort and guidance. However, please note that while Eliza aims to provide immediate emotional support, it should not replace professional mental health services.

Skills Acquired

Throughout this project, I have gained valuable skills in working with the Telegram platform and integrating it with AI models. I have learned how to iterate through exercises using the AI's guidance and have developed code in Node.js to create a fully functional Telegram bot powered by AI programming.

AI Model Progression

Initially, I started with the GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 models, and later transitioned to using Claude, a highly responsive and intelligent AI model from Anthropic. The AI's low-cost yet capable nature has been instrumental in the development process.

Future Plans

Future plans for this Telegram bot include incorporating voice message transcription and analysis, as well as launching the product on social media platforms like Product Hunt. Additionally, I aim to seek partnerships with relevant therapy and medical channels to expand the reach and impact of this mental health resource.