Order Tracking App using Glide


Too many support calls

In our resume writing services business, we were getting a lot of support requests for the same question. What is the status? This was asked in multiple ways - emails, WhatsApp, calls.
Calls is the biggest problem when you have to context switch to be able to answer the query.

Expensive to build custom software

Now, we were not a venture backed startup that could build custom software to solve this problem. We were a bootstrapped business. Other examples that face the same problem could be Shopify entrepreneurs who sell fashion on their websites, doctors who want to do appointment tracking.
notion image

notion image

No-code tools to the rescue

We were using Google Sheets for managing incoming customer data. Using Glide, we were able to turn part of the Google Sheet into a customer facing order tracking app.
So all that we did was added a customer facing status column. And added extra information that was required to be shown to the user.
The customer could then see their status 'In Processing' along details like Order ID, Order Date, etc and the Next Steps involved.


The result was dual benefits:
  • Reduced support costs
  • Customers are incentivized to log in and access other parts of your business that you would not have control over