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Interest in FC Barcelona

I was really interested in football and in particular the Spanish team FC Barcelona.
This interest started in 1999 and back in 2012, I thought I should contribute more to this passion.
One such blog that I followed very closely was totalBarca. They were really successful and used to receive 1 million visits each month.
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totalBarca Application

One day I saw on their Twitter, that they had posted for a job opening for a Twitter community specialist.
I thought that I should grab this opportunity and make the most of it.
There was an assignment where I had to tweet out commentary to one match between Barcelona and Real Madrid.
I completed the assignment and was lucky to be selected!

Live Tweeting and Blogging

I started when totalBarca was around 20000 followers.
During the 2012-13 season, I live tweeted all the matches and rode the highs and lows of the team.
It required great consistency to not miss a single match, but it was something that I loved doing, so it wasn’t a problem.
Along this journey, I got the chance to interact virtually with published authors, top writers and editors, and learnt a lot about the entire publishing process.
I got to publish my first blog on the website in 2014 and learnt useful skills that I am still using today.

New Heights

I took the Twitter account to 50K followers when I left totalBarca in 2014.
It was a great journey with them and now the Twitter account has scaled new heights with 150K+ followers.
Here's what they had to say now: