Set up Jamstack with No-code (Publii)

Set up Jamstack with No-code (Publii)

Jamstack sites are blazingly fast. I moved a 4 year old company blog from WordPress to Jamstack. Here's how you can do it without any code or scripts:

First download and install Publii (cross platform)

It's a local install that lets you use a block or markdown editor to create and edit posts.
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Then export the backup of your Wordpress or Ghost site.

(skip this and the next step if you don’t have anything to import)
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Import your WP posts into Publii.

The only issue I faced was that tags weren't ported properly. Had to do this step manually.
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Now connect with a hosting site:

Your options are Github, Gitlab, Netlify, Google Cloud.
I found Gitlab to be the simplest option.
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Complete the setup:

Follow along the steps here if you choose Github as your hosting
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Use a custom domain (Optional)

Once you've done all that, you can use Jamstack with a custom domain or subdomain via Github pages. Follow the steps here.
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End Result

And voila, here's the end result:


The result is a site which is: - fast - secure - has better SEO - has a Medium like editor - has a one button publish
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