Sponsored Deep Dives
Sponsored Deep Dives

Sponsored Deep Dives

Last updated: 24 Oct 2023
Hey there, I'm Kavir. I write The Discourse newsletter on Substack with 5,500+ subscribers (as of Oct 2023)
My thought process of sponsored deep-dives has been largely influenced by PackyM, who writes the Not Boring newsletter and here is his thought process behind doing these sponsored pieces.
The primary connection between a newsletter writer and the reader is that of trust. To build and maintain that trust is important for me.
To achieve that, I have two main principles while writing these pieces: when it comes to these pieces:
1/ Is it something that I am interested to cover and write about
  • If I don’t find the space or the product interesting, and I feel that my audience doesn’t share the same feeling, then I wouldn’t pick the company or product
2/ No editorial oversight from the company
  • I am a technology optimist and aim to write optimistically about a company, which means that I would write about how the product or company is doing well and what challenges they face
Here’s an example of something that I’ve written for Polywork, an a16z portfolio company.
Pricing: $500 for a dedicated newsletter edition on your product or startup
How it works:
  1. Get in touch with me on Twitter or Email
  1. We have a discussion about the product or startup
  1. You share details on your product and vision
  1. I explore the product, company, and the space and write a piece on it
  1. I have a thorough editing process that involves human editors at Foster collective as well as AI editors
  1. I will ask for any assets like media, brand logos, etc
  1. Will then publish the deep-dive on my newsletter and share it on socials
What’s in it for you:
  • 3000+ reads
  • Clicks and conversions
  • Backlinks
  • Mention on Twitter in the Twitter thread
  • Sharing and mention in private WhatsApp, Slack channels
Thanks for reading this and continuing to support creators like me.
If you would like to let me know what you think, reach out to me below. And if you're a company that would like me to do a sponsored deep dive, you can use the same channels to reach out to me.
In case you're looking out for other alternatives for sponsorship at lower price points, I also offer two sponsorship slots for two newsletters: The Discourse and No-Code Shots:
  1. Main Sponsor
  1. Classified Ads listing
Twitter at @kavirkaycee
Email me here