Uses This

Uses This


What hardware do you use?

I use a MacBook Air 2019 as my daily driver. It's light, fast, and does the job. The butterfly keyboard gives me issues with double presses and random keys getting smashed, but so far it has been tolerable. I use a OnePlus 7 as my primary device and an iPhone 7 for work testing and keeping up-to-date with the latest apps on iOS. I use an old iPad Mini 2 with a Bamboo stylus for wireframing and sketching. It's not ideal, but it works. I own a Kindle Paperwhite 300dpi, which I have since lent to my father, replaced with reading on my phone with Google Play Books.

And what software?

Bunch of software. Let's see where to start. Since I'm writing this in Notion, so let's start there. I think Notion has been the single most effective tool I've used to kick start my writing habit. The Kanban board and hosting the content with images, within those Kanban cards has been amazing.
Prior to that I used to use Simplenote as my primary note taking app since 2012. It's lightning fast to open and start writing, and has fast indexable search. The limitations comes from the organization with only tags which I rarely used.
Todoist is still my to-do list of choice. It has a bunch of features that is retaining me - natural language for dates, recurring tasks, Google Cal 2-way sync, break-down of tasks into sub tasks, and a Karma score to keep me trying to achieve more.
Google Play books allows me to highlight and take notes on the phone, and instantly share screenshots of highlights on WhatsApp and Twitter.
As a Product Manager for work I use the dreaded JIRA for task management, it's slow as hell and I would really like a Superhuman for task management soon; Slite for Product Specs; Meeting notes and a bunch of other use cases; Google Sheets for any spreadsheet task; Gmail for email; Slack for team communication; Balsamiq or Figma for wireframing; Figma for designing/commenting; Google Calendar web for calendar.
I use aText as my phrase expander for the last 5 years. It's a wonderful tool that does spelling/grammar checks. Spotify for both music since 2012. Podcasts are between Player FM on Android, Pocket casts, and Podcasts. I haven't narrowed down to one app to serve this use case.
For tracking habits, I use this app called Loop Habits on Android. it's been wonderful and has kept me on my habits since I started tracking my habits in 2017.
Relay for reddit; Headspace for meditation - which I use with Alexa; Progression for tracking workouts; smallcase and Coin for investments; Cred for credit card payments.
The usuals – WhatsApp for communication; Official Twitter app for Twitter; Uber for getting around; Google Pay for UPI payments.

What would be your dream setup?

For my dream setup, I am waiting for the new 13 inch MacBook Pro with the better keyboard. Add an iPad Pro with Apple Pencil for doodling, sketching, wireframing and drawing. Probably the latest iPhone and OnePlus devices. But with OnePlus, they keep releasing one every 3-4 months, so it's hard to keep up.